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hairstyle tutorial hey guys! in the video "all about my hair" i've already revealed that when i have a bad hair day i just tie up my hair that's always a great solution and i also like to do that when i work out therefore i wanna show you today my two favorite hairstyles one of them is a braid hairstyle and the other one is a twist hairstyle first of all you should choose your "chocolate side" most people have a favorite side on them where they also prefer being photographed for instance in my case it is the left side, therefore, i'm going to do my braid on the left side today

what you initially do is that you make a side parting so that the hairstyle becomes a bit thicker i take a single-stem comb that's always quite convenient but of course you may also take any other comb it still looks a bit wild... but that's exacly how it should look like so, for the first hairstyle we braid the hair after having done the side parting you take a small strand and divide it into three parts because we're doing a dutch braid i braid from the outer strand to the inner strand this means i lay the lower strands below the middle strand

after being done i always add outer hair then i do the same with this strand and that's what we keep on doing: we always add a bit outer hair also ensure that your braid is braided a bit behind your head because we want that it is later braided behind the head otherwise it would fall into your face like said pay attention to braiding your hair behind your head and here i'm adding another strand

when you've reached approx. your ear pull your braid a bit so that it is braided behind your ear then look out that to every strand also take the hair behind your ear you add some hair this means that in the end you have three large strands and you do this by dividing the hair into three parts this part isn't so easy but that's no problem if you don't manage to do it right in the beginning

then you just open the braid until here and try as much as you can so.... now i have three approx. equal parts and i'm braiding these regularly like i did above this braid is characterized by not being so perfect hence, if it doesn't look super perfect then it's exactly how we want it then i put a transparent hair tie in my hair you can also find in the info box where i got these these are quite handy but of course you may also use a regular hair tie

and now i have a trick for you guys this already doesn't look so bad but it looks even better if you make it a bit more voluminous and you can do that quite easily by pulling a bit on your braid through this your braid becomes optically a bit more voluminous it's best to start on top and pull the strands a bit and now you do this from top to bottom we do the same down here

and as you can see our first hairstyle is now ready and now i'm showing you how to do a twist hairstyle it's even easier to make it then the last one the good thing about the second hairstyle is that you don't need to be a braiding pro because all you have to do is twist again you start by taking a relatively small strand like before and now you divide it into two strands not like in three like before and then you just twist those two strands a few times to the right

and then you take the lower strand over the upper strand so... the first thing is now done now for the lower strand you add a bit hair and now you twist this one or two times to the right then you take it to the left and there is already your twist and now you continue like this you add a bit hair then you twist it to the right then to the left

that's exactly how you proceed: you take a bit hair twist it twice to the right then add it over to the left so... you do it like that here again take a bit hair once to the left and then you can see the "cord effect" again add a bit hair.... twice to the right and once to the left

and now you keep on twisting until you've reached approx. the height of your head when you are approx. at the height of your ear you do exactly what you did before: you divide your hair into three strands and now you braid them exactly like you did before when you've reaching the end you can again use another clear hair tie when you want you can now loosen the braid a bit again however, i wouldn't do it as much as before with the dutch braid i would just pull a tiny bit here

so it becomes a bit more loose and here you can do it like you did before and like you can see this braid only took like two minutes or so and that's really a great hairstyle when you have little time and still have a bad hair day and wanna look nice thank you so much for watching!

pony frisuren mittellang

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