papaya enzyme benefits

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the health benefits of papaya enzymes in treatingacid reflux and other digestive problems. 1. in today’s culture we often eat a lotfast foods, ready meals and meats. the problem with this is that there often aren’t anynatural enzymes in these foods. 2. enzymes which are found mostly in plantbased foods, help the digestion process of the body, by breaking down food whilst itis in your stomach. 3. a lack of enzymes in the body, makes itmore difficult for the stomach, therefore the stomach produces extra acid to try andbreak down the food. 4. this extra acid often causes reflux otherwiseknown as gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd), which can cause sore throats and a lump likefeeling in the throat which can cause discomfort

5. papaya fruit and leaves contain rich sourcesof these natural enzymes which the body needs. these enzymes include papain, chymopapain,glycylendopeptidase and caricain. 6. each of these is extremely beneficial fordigestion and breaking down foods, particularly proteins which come from eating a lot of meat.7. you can eat papaya fruit regularly, or better still you can purchase digestive enzymeswhich contain papaya fruit powder. these often come in capsule or tablet form and shouldbe eaten with every meal. 8. it takes 2-4 weeks to fully re-stabilisethe body and then acid reflux will be a thing of the past.9. i recommend purchasing tablets which contain betaine hydrochloride (hcl) and pepsin fora stronger effect.

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papaya enzyme benefits

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