haar frisuren mittellang

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hey guys... today i can finally show you my tutorial... for this curls or waves. and if you are interested in getting to know... ...how i create this look... ... stay tuned in. before you start working with heat on your hair ... i would recommend you to use ... ... a good heat protection for your hair.

for my weaves i used ... ... "l' oreal - hot and curl spray" i got from dm. you simply spray the product in your slightly wet hair ... ... blow-dry it afterwards... ... and start working with a curling iron in the end. for a better and cleaner result... ...please comb your hair before you start working with it. after that i always split my hair in a few smaller parts. this prevents you...

from forgetting to curl a single wisp of hair accidentally. with this technique all hair will be curled evenly. i personally use this curling iron ... ... without the "gripper-part" you probably know ... this is good for the look we want to create ... ... because this makes different looking curls... ... i will show you in alittle while. with this iron from "bellamihair" you get a glove. it doesn't have to be an iron from this brand.

you can get those without a gripper-part ... ... in any consumer electronics retailer ... ... or at hairdressers. just keep your eyes open. the only impotant aspect you have to care about ... ... is the iron's calibre. there are irons with small and large calibre. depending on which calibre you choose, your curls get more ore less extreme. i chose a middle sized iron ...

... with a calibre of about 2,5 cm. if you want to begin, please slip on your glove... ... because without you will definately burn your hands. the i start with the first wisp of hair. don't make it to thik or thin ... ... for getting a nice and even curl. i start at this point and turn my hair to the outside. always off your face ... ... because when your hair falls in front...

... and over your face... ... it doesn't look like a lion's mane any longer. start here and turn it around the iron. i can show it to you a little nearer now. you take the wisp, hold it strong and twirl it around. don't do it like you know it from a regular curling iron: don't twist it around the iron ... "flat" like this! because the result will be very different curls. this is what we do not want to reach this time.

additionally it is easier... ...to do it the way i showed you before. ... without twist the hair flat around the iron... please remember: especially the wisps in front... ... have do be twisted outside, away from your face. this way round... ... and not that way. otherwise the curl will turn to the front...

... and there won't be enaugh volume. when you finished all your curls... ... take a hand mirror... ... and stand with another mirror in your back ... ... to contol if you really curled all hair around your head. wouldn't be so nice to leave out a big, long wisp. so remember to check the curls on your back... ... before you leave. maybe you are thinking now:

"i haven't seen her with those kind of curles before." this is a matter of taste more or less. i personaly think... ... those kind of curles are terrible. ... and don't look very professional. you may ask yourself: "how does she create this great, big waves?" blow-drying? hair roller?... how does she do it? that's what i asked myself before..

when i saw styles like this in magazines... ... i thought "this looks so good... ... i do not want curles, just big waves... ... and a lot of volume." this is not impossible! the only thing you need is a brush. so after you curled your, just brush it copious. yeah.... so ... you can clearly see the difference now!

i like this so muuuuuuch more! i think it also brings more brilliance to your hair. and more volume! what dangles down on this side ... ... makes "wush" on that side. therefore you just have to brush your hair. my ultimate hack for graet volume: this "l'oreal - fix and style fixing varnish" spray. it's without gas, just with a pump cone.

for me it's like a miracle cure... ... and costs just a few euros at "dm". super good! i show you the effect from one side to the other. just spray it on your hair... ... and dispose it a bit. now you can even bring single curles in shape, like this. now you see the reason... ... for curling your hair to the outside before.

if we had done it the other way... ... the curles would fall into your face now. i just hold the curles where i want them... ...and fix them with spray... ... so they stay where i would like to have them. also dispose a bit of spray on your hairline. i push it up a little bit... ... for creating a good looking wave next to my face. here you can see the side where i used the spray.

and the other side without... i think you can see a real difference. the waves look a bit more fluffy... ... and got more volume in comparison. so this was my curling-routine... ... or let's say "big waves-volume tutorial" :d i hope you liked it... ... and if that's the case you can use this hashtag... ... for the fotos you make to this look.

that helps me to see your creations. otherwise it's more fortune if i see your pics or not. and that is a pity, because i want to see your looks. so finally ... have a nice day... ...and see you next time! and don't forget "thumbs up"! ;)

haar frisuren mittellang

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