frisuren mittellang 2015

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cool girls, braids and hairstyles, festive bow hey there! it's me again, mavie! today we're going to show you how you can easily make a festive bow. let's start! so for the bow you need a topsy tail. you can get it from dm for 2 euros. or you check out ebay or claire's, they have them too. we made a half high pony tail. just take a few hair and tie them together

and now you split the strand in the middle. take your topsy tail and tuck it in. put the ends through the loop. and now pull your topsy tail down. you have to hold on your loop. so that it stays. now you have the first half of your bow. afterwards we can fan it out a little bit. now you tuck your topsy tail on the other side in.

and take the other half of your pony tail and put it through the loop. and pull the strand through and hold on your loop so that it stays. now you can start to fan it a bit so that the bow will get bigger. if you want to brush your hair you must be careful. hold on your bow so that you won't destroy it. now you can fan our bow. and then take a small hair pin and secure your bow. do the same on the other side. and then use a bit hairspray so that the flying hair won't stick out. if you are in a hurry you are finished now.

but if you like you can now create the middle part of your bow. for that you grab a strand of hair. tuck your topsy tail in between the loops. put the strand in and then pull. now you have made the middle part of your bow. if you want to make the hairstyle look more festive you can grab the ends. it would be beautiful if they would look like the ends of a present wrapping bow which twist a bit. just take a small strand and you can curl them with straighteners. or with a curling iron.

yeah i thought that the ends would curl a bit. if you have shorter hair you would have curly strands now. with mavie's long hair it's difficult to get real curls. they are so smooth, they don't like to be curled. yeah, and your festive bow is finished! and if you liked this video please give me a thumbs up! good bye!

frisuren mittellang 2015

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