frisuren frauen mittellang

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make a curly head out of some straight hair? impossible? we need freshly washed hair use a shampoo which doesn't include any smoothing components. your hair should not be weighted. after you have washed your hair you shouldn't use any mousse or similar foam products. blow dry your hair as we actually need dry hair. brush your hair properly.

now we prepare our aluminium curler. whether your hair is long or thick you need more or less of the aluminum curlers. rip off a piece of the aluminium foil sized like a din a4 paper and fold the sharp borders to the inside. then you fold this piece as far as it gets and press it into a round form. then you cut through the piece of curler into half and then again into half. for the next step you part your hair as you want to.

and the work begins... take a small hank as thinner the hank is the smaller the curls get. also the hair volume gets bigger. wrap your hair as close as it gets around the curler. it's very important that the hair gets wrapped accurate around the curler otherwise you've got problems with opening the curlers. you have to turn the curler as near as it gets to the head so that the curl directly starts on the skin.

at the beginning it might be a bit difficult but after a few tries it will get easier. you continue with every single hank on the whole head. take your time for preparation as it will take a few hours. if you want to do this for an event i would recommend that you already start in the midday, so you don't get under pressure and the curls get pretty and last all night long. when you have filled your whole hair with the curlers the boring part begins. blow dry the curlers on a warm level until you feel that the curlers get warm. attention: not too hot and not too long. this could give you a headache. after the curlers got really warm, please let them cool down again until they're really cold.

in the meantime, do whatever you like. you'll have loads of time. repeat the warming up and cooling down again and again. over a time of 2-3 hours. the more often you do that procedure the better the curls get. when they cool down for the last time, you open a test curl and have a look how the curl looks like. when it looks how you want it, you better begin in the lower part to open the curlers. spin the curl out and divide it in the middle, then tease the roots of the hair carefully. some are more curly, some are less curly. but this makes the natural look. when you have opened all curlers, the fun part begins.

leave you hair open or closed, with curls you'll have a lot of opportunities. please remember that the curls will hang loose after a while, but if the curls are already too extreme from the beginning you can also use a hairdryer to make them more loose. have fun with your curly curl hair!

frisuren frauen mittellang

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