frisuren frauen mittellang 2016

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hey guys welcome back to my channel! as you can see i have short hair!!! starting a new year i thought of new hair ;) especially because i'm pregnant so i thought these short hair would be the right thing i'm still a lil sceptical... so i styled them a bit.. i curled them so yeah, i'm ok with the result

don't you think short hair make me look younger??? but yeah it's something different if you want to see how i styled them keep watching the video :) and if you like the new hair please give it a thumbs up! and comment down below if you have any product tips for me i'll test any new hair products! so keep me posted! first i'll split my hair into two sections first i curl the under hair i never curl my hair ends

seasalt powder!

frisuren frauen mittellang 2016

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