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sisi’s bridal coiffureromantic hairstyle for long hair empress elisabeth was famous for her magnificent head of hair. she had extremely long, dark hair with a natural wave. at the time of her marriage, as was fashionable in the 1850s, she had a middle parting with her hair fastened loosely at the side over the ears and two heavy plaits coiled into a chignon at the nape of her neck. elisabeth’s hair weighed around 4-5 kg, and she had to adopt a posture rather like a dancer, since this is a considerable weight for the neck and head to support.

first we make a middle parting, then we divide the hair into sections and brush each of these out thoroughly. then at the front we twist it into a proper pleat and secure it with a clip so that it makes a nice frame for the face. then we brush out the rest of the hair and divide it for the plaits. i’m doing it in four sections,

although i think elisabeth’s hairstyle would have been done in two. i’m making four plaits because it’s easier when dealing with this length of hair and it will hold better. that’s all the plaits done. now we have to make sure the ends are tucked well away. i’m just doing the last coil, winding it round, and now we’re finished. ok? have a look in the mirror.

all right? of course elisabeth took especial care of her hair, using rather unusual substances such as egg, cognac or certain hair tonics, which made her hair very shiny. we still have her recipes, and you can make the various shampoos and care products she used back then. one important ingredient was egg-yolk; here’s a recipe for a shampoo with two egg-yolks, 30 ml cognac and a little cider vinegar.

the vinegar is for rinsing, when the hair was rinsed in warm water. we know that elisabeth dyed her hair. for this she used henna, and we also have a recipe here: one packet of henna mixed with fresh milk and an egg-yolk, which gave her hair its lustrous dark chestnut colour. there’s a whole range of different things we know were used during those times and which are being used again today, as they are natural products that are extremely good for the hair. curator, sisi museum

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frisuren bilder mittellang

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