frisuren 2016 mittellang

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hi, iâ´m natascha. today i`m going to show you a quick and easy summer hairstyle. to be able to create this look, you need two small elastic bands.. and a few hair pins. if you like, you can use some hair accessoires. another idea is to incorporate some beautiful flowers. iâ´ll show you now step-by-step as the style goes. i wish you much fun ...letâ´s start it. we start at the side, and take a thicker strand of hair, share it by two... and turning it into one another. then we take from below always a streak added... and continue to rotate the hair

continue to the neck arrive at the neck, use scrunchy pursue and secure do the same as on the left side hide the ends in the hair some hair accessoires and some hair pins and hairspray i really hope you guys enjoyed it. and donâ´t forget to subscribe for more hair tutorials

frisuren 2016 mittellang

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