frisuren 2016 damen mittellang

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cool girls braids and styles presents the so so wanted hair routine! hi and hello! here i am again,iâ´m mavie! today weâ´ll show you the so so requested hair routine of mine! usually i only wash my hair once or twice a week

but for you i have done it today.... so letâ´s get started!!! so first of all get your hair wet...... and mavie uses the nutri care shampoo from alverde, itâ´s all natural! itâ´s without silicone or other chemical ingredients but be prepared the natural shampoos donâ´t make such a big foam but therefore they are also not so agressive to your hair mavie only apllies a little bit of shampoo on the top of her head itâ´s not necessary to put the shampoo all over your hair

when you rinse it off, the shampoo comes down to clear also the ends.... afterwards mavie uses the conditioner from alverde also from the nutricare series she really needs a lot because of the lenghts of her hair but only applies the conditioner in the lenghts of her hair every third hair wash mavie takes instead of the conditioner a hair mask itâ´s the aloe vera hair mask from alverde we also had the shampoo from this serie, and liked it ,too

but mavieâ´s brothes didnâ´t want to use a shampoo from a red flower brand and as i, mom, didnâ´t want to have so many different shampoos staying around in the bath we all take the shampoo from the yellow serie. so, while the conditioner is working, mavie can use the showergel so and now rinse off everything!! afterwards we make a turban with a towel so that the hair can dry a little bit but more than 10 minutes the turban doesnâ´t stay in place at mavie..... before we brush the hair we use a detangler from alverde

but be careful, if you have greasy hair, it might become too oily therefore you should better take the green detangler for fine hair. we also use this quite a lot to detangle the hair after braiding it works really well! we start at the ends with a big comb and we work up our way higher to the top afterwards we use a tangle teezer to brush all the hair it works so well to detangle and runs very easily through the hair

and i also like that itâ´s so easy to clean, just rinse off with some soap and water once a month we cut off the ends and we have our own special method of trimming the ends so every real hairdresser should better look away now, haha but it works fine with us.... you comb back all of your hair, and tie with an elastic in the middle of your neck then brush again so that you donâ´t have any knots and then at the very end

tie off again comb the ends with an fine comb and then cut of as much as you want to with hair scissors now we take 2 or 3 drops of the alverde argan hair ã¶l and apply it to the ends and in about the last third of the hair if you have oily or very fine hair i would recommend you to apply the hair oil overnight before washing your hair

so that you can wash it out the next day because it smoothes the hair really really well but still oily and your hair shouldnâ´t look greasy after washing now we blow dry.... in winter time we always blow dry the hair because it would take hours to let them dry.... but if you can, leave your hair drying without heat as often as possible! or blow dry on the lowest level the less heat the better it is! so now enjoy your long shiny hair!!!

frisuren 2016 damen mittellang

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