Shoulder Blade Pain Treatments and Causes

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Even though shoulder blade pain looks just like a mild pain but everyone should not belittle this type of condition because this pain could only lead to aches on your other body parts like neck, back, or even chest.

This is when you have to realize that we could not just ignore pain between shoulder blades if you do not want to end up with endless pain on your whole body that you could not even move without causing painful feelings.

These might be only starters because according to some researchers, some conditions that we usually ignore like pain between shoulder blades during pregnancy, pain between shoulder blades and chest pain, or even pain between shoulder blades and neck are symptoms of different health issues.

Shoulder Blade Pain Causes

Do you know that shoulder blade pain cause is very varied, range from severe diseases to mild physical damages that are easily treatable? And of course this is the major point of why we should not ignore shoulder pain especially the one that would not disappear for a long time (for weeks).

So, if you experience unfamiliar pain between your shoulder blades then we really recommend you to visit your doctor. And that would be a must when you have a family history of fatal diseases. 

There are many reasons why some people have experienced severe pain between their shoulder blades. One of them would be because of gallbladder or heart attack. For gallbladder, the actual source of the pain is on your upper right of the abdomen that could be felt on your right shoulder. The pain will usually last for several minutes and it usually happens out of the blue.

People who get heart attack usually feel the pain on their left chest but it could also be on their shoulder blades as well. So it is really important for us to not belittle a condition as mild as shoulder blade muscle pain because it could also lead to another more severe condition without us knowing it.

And we hope that after reading this, you would take every change in your body seriously regardless of the level of its severity.

Shoulder Blade Pain Treatments

There are many things you could do to treat shoulder pain. The treatments range from simple back shoulder blade pain treatment to the complicated one. You could try some easy shoulder exercises to not only train the muscles and joints of your shoulders and back but also to alleviate the pain especially when it is back.

If you are not fond of doing exercises, you may want to treat the pain with a simple way by using counter medicines such as muscle relaxers or pain relievers. Not only that, if you want to try other treatments, you have to try special massage or acupuncture as a part of shoulder blade pain recovering process.

Many people have tried those methods and most of them were quite satisfied with the result. But if you want to use something simple, try ice pack.

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