Pain Under Shoulder Blade : Causes and Treatments

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In general, one part of the body such as shoulder blades is one of the most vulnerable points in the human body. In addition, the structure of shoulder blades is quite complex, it becomes very susceptible to injury. There lots of factors that causes pain under shoulder blades.

This type of pain became the most difficult pain to deal. It is because pain under right shoulder blade involves an area in which muscle groups are gathered. In addition to that, a person usually experiences the pain under right shoulder back (or, it could be pain under left shoulder back as well), which is nearly impossible to manage alone.

That is why a help from others will be needed, as when a person feels severe pain under his shoulder back. In general, various ways are seemingly useful to manage any pain appears in the shoulder blades.

What Causes Pain under Should Blades

In everyday life, when people do a lot of activities, the hands become a very active part. With so much activity in hands area, your shoulder will receive so much tense as well. Some types of activities such as carrying children or lifting shopping bags are few examples that make the shoulder receives excessive load.

Consequently, shoulders and hands to be a part of our body that are often under pressure, generating pain mainly under shoulder blades which make us suffer.Here are some factors that can trigger the appearance of pain under shoulder blades.

1. Injury or trauma to the shoulder ligaments and bone structure.
2. Old age
3. Tendonitis
4. Surgery, for example, breast cancer surgery
5. Arthritis
6. Osteoporosis
7. Muscle cramps that occur when exercising
8. Rotator Cuff Injuries
9. Excessive stress
10. Heart Disease

Various Ways to Manage Pain under Shoulder Blades

Let us face with home remedies, as they are included into simple ways to ease the pain between shoulder blades.You have to examine the usual daily activities. It means you have to check whether or not if there are a lot of pressure-inducing activities involved.

If there is any activity you spotted, be sure to avoid it for a while.Take a rest is another important step to take. You can lie down on the floor or else, prop your body by using a chair with a comfortable backrest.

Relieve yourself from stress which is about to affect your body both physically and mentally. In this sense, you can take several days off or taking slow path when you are working.

Take some simple exercises, in order to get rid of pain in the shoulder blades. These activities were including few abduction and adduction, extension and flexion routines, and some stretching.

Another option like using cold packs to do ice massages needs to be considered. The pain under shoulder blade location is usually not easy to be reached, so you will need others help.Take some alternative like following yoga classes.

Shoulder blades pain was terrible, but not necessarily the kind of pain that cannot be overcome.

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