Pain In Left Shoulder : 3 Essential Things You Should Know

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There is a clear-cut difference between the pain in the right shoulder and pain in the left shoulder. As a matter of fact, most of the people use right hand for performing the majority of day-to-day tasks.

Hence, doctors will come across patients who complain about the pain the right shoulder. Even though you are a right-handed person, you might experience pain in the left hand. If you are having pain in the left shoulder, you should understand that the pain might be caused due to presence of injury or accident. It can also happen due to the severe life threatening pain. Hence, enough care should be taken to figure out the cause of pain.

Pain due to heart issue

If there is sudden pain in the left shoulder coupled with shortness of breath or pain in the jaw, you should take it as an alarm before the heart attack. This kind of pain will have association with other kinds of pain originating from spine and major nerves.

Pain in the left shoulder might be caused due to diseases such as arthritis, lung cancer, angina and rotator cuff syndrome.

Non-heart issues

The pain in left shoulder can be caused due to injury to the ligaments or bruise or tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. Bone tumor, shoulder dislocation, fracture of scapula, sprain and tendonitis are other causes that lead to pain in left shoulder.

If the rotator cuff muscles fail to offer major support to the shoulder, it will result in pain.Women might suffer with pain during menstruation process. This kind of pain should be mistaken with the pain in the left shoulder.

The pain might originate from one or both breasts. It can be caused due to infection, breastfeeding and breast cancer as well.

The other reasons that can result in pain in left shoulder include shoulder joint capsule damage, Bicipital Tendonitis, Acromioclavicular Arthritis, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Subdeltoid Bursitis and Subacromial.

The 4 common issues that are associated with shoulder pain are degeneration of joints, abuse of joints, instability and subluxation.

Hence, proper diagnosis is very much important before initiating the treatment. Wrong diagnosis will lead to further complications. If you are having poor computer habits, you might suffer with pain in the shoulder region.

Treatment options

If the pain is due to bad sitting postures or usage of the keyboard, it can be corrected by going for ergonomically designed keyboards, chairs and tables. The posture should be well maintained so that neck, head, spine and shoulders will not bear the brunt.

If the issue is due to injury, it required immediate medical attention. By applying the ice pack, you will reduce the severity of pain and damage to the affected area. It will prevent swelling as well. The infected shoulder will be strapped and anti-inflammatory medication will be given to the patient.

Regardless of the cause of the pain, it is very much important to consult the physician so that you will be able to save precious life.

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