Muscles That Cause Pain Between Shoulder Blades

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The human body is like a machine. It is built by using different parts. The frame of the body is made from bones and the muscles help our body to move. Sharp pain between shoulder blades can appear from nowhere because of a malfunction of the body and the muscles.

The shoulder area is made from three different articulations and it is one of the most sophisticated parts of all the body. The area is placed under stress day and night and people that have to sit a lot in a chair every day can develop back pain between shoulder blades.

Usually, the pain is cause by the muscles that surround the area. These muscles are some of the most powerful ones in the whole body. In fact, there are only four muscles that control the shoulder blade area.

They are very vulnerable to strains and stress because almost each movement of the body is made with their help.

Each of the muscles has a little sack that is called a bursa. The sack is full of a fluid that helps the muscle glide over the bone with ease. You can compare this fluid like the oil in a car. If there is a problem with the fluid, the muscle can get sore and cause pain.

The bursa can get inflamed or infected if it is exposed to bacteria or other germs. This can turn into a serious problem for all people. Pain between shoulder blades can be cause by this inflammation. If you think that you have a problem in the area of the four muscles it is advisable to go to a specialized doctor.

The pain that develops around the deltoid muscle can migrate down the arms and even until the fingers. This is caused by a pinged nerve in the area of this massive muscle of the back. The nerves are the main communication network of the body and if they suffer, they send pain signals to alert you.

The condition is known as Brachial Neuritis and can induce a lot of sharp pain between the shoulder blades and down your arms.I hope that you have found out some interesting information about the muscles around your shoulder blades.

Now it is time to discover some treatments for any condition that you might have. If you are not sure what to do, go to a doctor and do not be afraid of him.

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