4 Most Common Shoulder Pain Symptoms

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What Shoulder Pain Symptoms Mean? 

Shoulder pain symptoms can mean a variety of health reasons that if left undiagnosed can lead to a more serious condition. Before you can actually begin its treatment, it is a standard procedure to know before hand what had caused the shoulder pain.

Your doctor may perform tests to determine the problem and the severity of your condition but in any case, you can at least have knowledge on what your shoulder pain symptoms mean. Here is a list of conditions that may have caused your shoulder pain:

1. Frozen shoulder condition.
This condition is very common. It causes stiffness to your shoulder joints and cause pain. The medical term for this condition is called adhesive “Capsuliitis.” Actually this is the most common of shoulder pain symptoms.

2. Shoulder instability. 
This condition is usually associated when you injure your shoulder joint because of a trauma. A 
dislocated joint is painful because the nerves connected to it are affected.

3. Rotator cuff tearing. 
The rotator cuff is the group of muscles that keeps your shoulder joints stabilized. If these muscles are torn, the ability of shoulder movement becomes impossible to move without pain. This is also one of the most common causes of shoulder pain symptoms. This condition often requires surgery as well.

4. Arthritis.
Although some may say that mostly older people suffer arthritis, younger people can experience this as well. This condition is the inflammation of several joints in your body and can occur to your shoulder joints as well.

Prevention for this condition will include not eating nuts and other food that causes your uric acid to increase. More often than not, medicines to relieve the swelling can be taken as prescribed by your doctor.

If you’re unsure whether shoulder pain symptoms are severe or not, you should consult your doctor when the pain persists after taking pain reliever medicines or rest.

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