Risk Factors for Neck Pain : Things You Should Know

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Risk Factors for Neck Pain - Even though neck pain is not considered as a severe disease and often not treated properly, but it is very common and often limit our work and can disturb our daily routine. Knowing about early symptoms, risk factors and proper response to relieve neck pain can play major role in saving ourselves from short or long term neck pain in future.

Risk Factors for Neck Pain : Things You Should Know

Old age, genetics and bad sleeping habits are some of the risk factors for neck pain that is long term and persistent, while stress level, smoking and exposure to tobacco are risk factors for short term neck pain.

Physical harm to body, like accidents or sports injuries are also risk factors for both long and short term pain. In case of such physical trauma, often pain killers are the only solution to relieve neck pain.

More and more people at work are complaining about neck or back pain, as long sittings in front of computer also increase the risk of neck pain especially sitting in weird positions on chair.Working environments demanding work to be done in same cycle are also high risk for neck pain. Workers who are also smokers need proper rest during their work and need to adjust their sitting position to most comfortable posture in order to avoid any future neck pain.

Age is a vital risk factor, as arthritis in neck becomes fragile reducing capacity of neck muscles to up hold weight of head for long time.

Occupations that require you to work in one position, with your neck to be held in one position for long durations are also big risk for neck pain.

A study was carried out to evaluate risk factors involving workplace indicated that there is a relationship between many factors in your work place like arm force, neck flexion, arm posture, sitting duration, and even design of your cubicle to neck pain. Some of the risk factors in office environment are

1. Physical ( including postures, muscle stress, movement of body)
2. Demographic
3. Environment of working place ( your breaks, duration of work)
4. Psychological distress

It is essential to understand risk factors and educating yourself about proper response to relieve neck pain in time.

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