5 Most Used Natural Remedies for Neck Pain

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Natural Remedies for Neck Pain - When somebody said “This job is a pain in the neck” indicates how sometime neck pain become irritating and persistent for people. Neck pain is very common but fortunately hundreds of natural remedies are now available and are used to relieve neck pain.

5 Most Used Natural Remedies for Neck Pain

As in most cases, stress or tension in neck muscles is the only cause of neck pain which can be easily treated by applying natural remedies without any need to see a doctor.

Most of the natural remedies reduce emotional stress and make muscles more flexible.The core reason for neck pain is the lack of proper blood flow due to tension in muscles. There are many herbal and natural remedies that keep your muscles relax, create a healthy flow of blood and strengthen muscles.

Herbal remedies are used by people for thousands of years for almost all sorts of diseases. There are many herbal remedies available for neck pain that can be taken with liquid, in forms of pills, in your bathwater or even can be used as a cream on your neck.

Some of the most used herbal remedies are:

1. Kudzu (mostly used in Chinese medicines and can reduce inflammation in muscles)
2. Menthol (very common ingredient in creams for pain, can increase blood circulation)
3. Devil’s claw (available in the form of pills or powder, can heal pain gradually)
4. St.John’s Wort (very common and can ease pain in quick time)
5. Lavender (used in many massage oils to relieve neck pain)

Apart from these herbal remedies, application of ice packs or heat pads on neck can also relieve neck pain and maintain blood flow.

Use of appropriate and comfortable pillow is also a natural remedy to relieve neck pain.

Use of collar to put your neck to some rest can be another natural way to relieve neck pain.

Some more natural remedies to relieve neck pain include proper rest, Icing, applying heat pads, stress control, self massage, comfortable postures, work with straight head, proper breaks during work, comfortable posture during sleep and exercises.

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