2 Types of Neck Pain You Need To Know

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Many people are unaware of the types of Neck pain and generally suffer from these three conditions; chronic neck pain, acute neck pain and ridiculer neck pain. Sudden discomfort may be developed due to injury, trauma, awkward postures while sleeping, or specific medical conditions like herniated disc in neck or spinal meningitis.

2 Types of Neck Pain You Need To Know

Treatments to relieve neck pain may vary according to the source of pain. Doctors and health specialists advise different treatments for different types of pain to relieve neck pain.There are two main categories of neck pain

Chronic pain

People suffering from chronic pain, which is also referred as persistent pain, may feel pain for more than three to six months unlike acute neck pain which is temporary and can be relieved by taking rest or correct treatment.

Chronic pain may cause stiff neck, headache, loss of mobility, and exhaustion. In cases of chronic neck pain, right diagnosis of source of pain is very important and patient may have to undergo different MRI scans and spinal surgeries to relieve neck pain.

Acute pain

In most cases, acute neck pain occurs due to a muscle strain or other soft tissue wrench. An injury or illness that comes and goes is categorized as acute. Acute pain has very definite symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms can be quite intense, and heal comparatively in a short period of time, more often around 6 weeks.

If the condition is left unhealed for 6 weeks, then it may turn into chronic pain. Physical exercises and stress relief may relieve neck pain in case of acute pain.Whiplash often resulted from an accident, stiff neck from sleeping in wrong or prolonged postures, shoulder or arm pain, or a strain from carrying a heavy weight on one side of the body are categorized as acute pain.

To relieve neck pain of any type, first step is to reduce the stress on the neck and avoid unnecessary movements. If not healed by taking proper rest and neck exercises than it is necessary to visit doctor or therapist.

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