What Should And Should Not Eat to Fight Sciatica Pain?

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As with any course of treatment that goes against conventional medicine, there is some disagreement about whether or not foods can actually fight sciatica pain. Since prescription medicines often have unwanted and dangerous side effects, many people are opting for a treatment plan that would be beneficial without the potential for causing harm to the body.

There has been considerable research done on fighting sciatica pain with food, and many people are experiencing a real sense of relief following these dietary guidelines.

What Should And Should Not Eat to Fight Sciatica Pain?
Nutritional Recommendations"You are what you eat" is a popular expression with a great deal of truth behind it. What we put into our bodies directly affects our health. In the case of sciatica pain, there are certain foods that can fight for you or against you. Knowing the difference can make an enormous improvement in your health.

Recommended Foods & Diets

1. Avoid all meat and animal protein products. Animal foods contain uric acid, which puts a strain on the kidneys, and therefore could aggravate back pain.

2. Gravies, oils, fats, and sugars, as well as heavily processed food should also be avoided. These foods have a negative impact on overall health, and can cause weight gain that can contribute to pain.

3. Liquids can make an important contribution in the fight against sciatica pain. To decrease a pain that comes on suddenly, try drinking two large glasses of quality water. Muscle aches and back pain are frequently linked to dehydration and giving your body the necessary liquids may take away that pain.

4. Raw fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of good nutrition, providing an abundance of vitamin C, which is known for its healing properties. The nutrients in dairy products can help repair bone tissue, thereby making the connective layers around the sciatic nerve stronger.

5. Often, a fasting program is encouraged, although this type of remedy should be first discussed with a doctor. The idea behind fasting is to cleanse the body of impurities and thereby enable the body to heal itself.

The body is a complex organism and it takes many types of foods to cause it to work at its optimal level. By adhering to a healthy diet, the foods you eat may help you in the fight against sciatica pain by giving the body the necessary ammunition to heal the underlying problem.

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