What Is Sciatica Chiropractor? 8 Things You Need To Know

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It is very common for a chiropractic doctor (also called sciatica chiropractor) to treat patients with sciatica. Sciatica itself is typically manifested as a pain that begins in the lower back and upper thigh area and then shoots down into either or both of the legs.

This shooting pain can reach all of the way down to the foot and it can vary in frequency between being intermittent to being constant. The pain is at times characterized as being sharp and shooting and at other times as aching, dull, and burning.

Sciatica is a symptom of an underlying cause and not a condition in and of itself. The symptom is as a result of the underlying cause putting pressure on, pinching, or causing compression onto the sciatic nerve area.

What Is Sciatica Chiropractor? 8 Things You Need To Know

This aggravation of the sciatic nerve area can be caused by many different situations. It can be caused by something as simple as a person that is regularly sitting on an uneven surface, such as a man with a thick wallet, to a situation where the pressure is being caused by misaligned vertebrae, herniated discs, or slipped discs.

Sciatica Chiropractor
Sciatica is a condition that is particularly suited for a chiropractic doctor and in fact many chiropractors go so far as to refer to themselves as a sciatica chiropractor.

1. The art of the chiropractic doctor is in their ability to adjust the alignment of the nerves, muscles, and bones so that the body has proper circulation and form in order to properly function.

2. A sciatica chiropractor is trained to identify ways in which the sciatic nerve area is being pressured and impacted and they have the necessary tools and training to bring relief.

3. In cases where the alignment of the vertebrae or other muscles, nerves, and bones are the cause of sciatica, the sciatica chiropractor can bring about relief and instruct the patient on ways in which to avoid further pain.

4. This is one case where the chiropractor has specific training that is far more effective than the traditional medical doctor. Sciatic pain is in fact normally more effectively treated by the sciatica chiropractor than it is through traditional medical doctors.

Sciatica Chiropractic Benefits

5. During treatment of sciatica chiropractic the doctors can also advise patients on exercise and stretching routines that will assist their patients in avoiding future aggravation of the sciatic area once they have had their initial pain treated.

6. Through proper instruction and implementation of those instructions the average sciatica sufferer can avoid most recurrences of future sciatic pain and suffering. This is because most sciatic sufferers are in pain due to some particular activity or way in which they sit, work, or handle their body.

7. Proper training can help them identify the cause and avoid future sciatic aggravation.The limitations of the sciatica chiropractor are when the pressure on the sciatic area is being caused by something other than the alignment of the nerves, muscles, and bones.

8. In some cases of sciatica the pressure is being caused by another underlying medical condition such as a tumor, or some other disease. In these cases the sciatic chiropractor will be able to quickly identify their limited scope of available methods of treatment and will refer the patient to a traditional medical doctor.

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