What Can Cause Sciatica Arthritis?

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Obtaining proof of sciatica arthritis is difficult and only after extensive medical examination can an experienced medical practitioner come to a conclusion regarding the diagnosis of this type of arthritis.

This is because the symptoms of spinal arthritis or sciatica pains related to this form of arthritis can easily be mistaken for some other kind of pain or arthritis. Moreover, there are various reasons as to why you may experience such problems.

What Can Cause Sciatica Arthritis?

Since there are various reasons for this issue it becomes difficult to identify the root cause for the problem and only an experienced medical practitioner with extensive knowledge on the subject can come to a proper conclusion as to the root cause of this problem.

Sciatica Arthritis Causes
Although Sciatica pain and spinal cord arthritis occurs in later age, there have been cases where one may experience such problems at an early age as well depending on situations related to accidents or trauma where it can start the onset of this medical problem.

The main reasons why one may encounter sciatica arthritis are tumor is the sciatic nerve or spinal cord, injury in the spine or the sciatic nerve, problems related to the muscles of the buttock, slippage in lumbar spine vertebrae, disc hernia and narrowing of the canal inside the lumbar spine.

Apart from these obvious reasons, there are some unknown reasons as to the onset of the sciatic arthritis.In younger patients, suffering from sciatic arthritis it has been found that the main reasons for this medical problem is disc hernia, tumor in the sciatic nerve or spinal cord or injury to the spinal cord or sciatic nerve.

The problems related to buttock muscles can be due to injury or stress or maybe even due to old age muscle problems and irritation. This is one reason, which is common to both younger as well as older patients as well.

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