Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy What You Need To Know

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During pregnancy, there are a lot of new sensations that women must adapt to. As the baby develops, a mother’s body must shift to accommodate the growing life inside of it. There are a few shifts that can cause some discomfort.

One of the most common these occurs in the region between the pubic bones and the pelvis. As the baby grows, the bones must tilt in order to give the growing child enough room. This is the source of a lot of problems for pregnant women and the leading cause of lower back pain during pregnancy.

Generally, the lower back pain is experienced in the region where the spine joins with the hips and pelvis like most other forms of back pain. The reasons why the discomfort is exacerbated during pregnancy are many. One of the main causes is the increased weight.

With a heavier load, the spine must account for more strain. The baby’s weight combined with the mother’s weight gain can cause some discomfort for women. Especially because exercise becomes more limited, the muscles of the lower back can become more easily cramped and are overall less flexible.

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy What You Need To Know

Due to the increased load, pregnant women also undergo a change in posture to better support their new weight. Women tend to waddle more while walking and lean backwards in order to keep their disproportionate bellies at a standard level.

This change in gait and posture can amplify problems with the lower back. Because the hips cannot rotate as easily, the change in stride can cause tightness in the hip flexors. With the backwards tilt, the lower back becomes much stiffer in order to hold the new weight upright.

Both of these changes can create unprecedented discomfort in the back.There are many different ways to treat both of these problems. Fortunately, many of the symptoms will gradually fade after the baby is born and the mother returns to a more regular condition.

Until then, there are a few easy ways to improve daily comfort levels. The easiest solution is to apply heating pads to the lower back. This is a comfortable way to reduce the discomfort in the lower back without much effort. Heating pads can be applied for several hours a day. They drastically improve blood circulation in the regions where heat is applied, which in turn helps the muscles of the lower back oxygenate and continue their normal functioning.

Tension is released when muscles are relaxed, which is essential to reducing lower back pain.Another important strategy to reduce lower back pain during pregnancy is light exercise. All activity should take into account the needs of the developing baby.

Some good exercises for pregnant women are long walks, swimming or water aerobics, and stationary bikes. All these types of exercise incorporate aerobic activity, a key to improving overall fitness and muscle tone.

Most types of exercise have additional benefits for the health of the fetus as well. Improving your fitness and having an active pregnancy is one of the best ways to help give your baby a good start in life, but it will also make the process less uncomfortable for the mother.

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