How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain?

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Trying to find the necessary comfort to fall asleep can be extremely difficult when you’re experiencing constant lower back pain. There are some proven ways to help reduce pain while lying down. These easy sleeping positions can help you get comfortable and stay comfortable for longer periods of time throughout the night.

Not only that, but they will actually help your back become healthy again. With a more restful night of sleep each day, you can lead a more productive life and be less inhibited by lower back pain.The first position that people find most helpful is lying on your back. This position is the easiest way for your spine to assume a neutral position in which it is not too flat and not too bent. The key is finding the perfect curve for your spine.

How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain?

Many people are not able to do this without some support or guidance, due to years and years of improper posture. Our backs naturally assume the position that we regularly hold them in. To combat this problem, a good trick is to place a pillow beneath your knees. This extra support lifts your knees off the bed and puts a slight bend in your lower back, preventing it from becoming too flat.

A thin pillow is best, as your back should not become too bent.If sleeping on your back is too uncomfortable or unnatural, sleeping on your side is also a great way to reduce lower back pain while sleeping. Sleeping on your side takes a lot of pressure off your back and allows your spine to assume more comfortable positions.

The best way to maintain a good sleeping posture on your side is to place a pillow between your knees. This prevents you from twisting your legs or bending at the hips to put strain on your lower back. For some people, it also helps to roll up a small towel to place above the hip. This keeps the natural curvature of your spine intact.

If getting comfortable in bed is not a problem, but getting out of bed is, there are some more solutions available for your lower back pain. A lot of people don’t notice their lower back pain until they wake up the next day, stiff and cranky. The best way to avoid making your back problems worse or aggravating your injury in the morning is to get out of bed very carefully.

The first motion you make should be to roll onto your side.Next, bend your knees and slowly put your feet over the edge of the bed. Lifting your upper body with your arms, place your feet on the floor. With your feet directly below your knees, stand from your bed while maintaining good posture.

By getting out of bed in this way, you can avoid straining or injuring the muscles of your lower back that have gotten tight over the course of your night. Begin your day with some light stretching and exercise if you feel up to it. Over time, your back will begin to feel better with the proper practices and restful sleep.

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