5 Home Remedies For Sciatica Treatment

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Sciatica treatment home remedies can be relieve sciatica pain and promote rapid recovery. Lower back pain is very common in men and women over 40 years old, can strike at any time, and seem to linger for weeks. Sciatica pain is commonly caused by lifting, or sleeping in the wrong position, but just as commonly can also have no apparent cause.

Sciatica typically shows itself as a stabbing or hot pain that shoots down from the back on one side of the body, through the buttocks and down one leg, down the path the sciatic nerve. If numbness or weakness in the legs becomes excessive, you have numbness in between your legs or you lose continence of your bowels or bladder you should contact your doctor straight away. However, most sciatica is simple back pain, and the only proven treatment is exercise and pain relief.
The most important advice in a swift recovery is not to lie still. Bed rest will typically cause the muscles to seize up around the sciatic nerve and make the pain worse. Prolonged bed rest will lead to weakness in the back muscles, and cause recovery to take even longer. Sciatica treatment is centered around pain relief, exercises and a return to normal activity.

5 Home Remedies For Sciatica Treatment

Pain relief can take the form of anti inflammatories or an opiate based pain killer, but these can have side effects such as constipation, upset stomach, and sleepiness. Sciatica treatment home remedies are an alternative for those who do not wish, or cannot take tablets and can also be used on top of painkillers to relieve the pain further.

Sciatica Home Remedies

1. Direct Hot and Cold Treatment
Examples of sciatica treatment home remedies include direct hot and cold treatment. Placing an ice pack or a hot pack onto a painful area can relieve you for a good nights sleep, or to perform your physical therapy with less pain.

2. Eating Antioxidants Rich Food
The pain caused by sciatica can cause inflammation which increases pain in a vicious cycle. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants can have an anti-inflammatory effect, and drinking fruit juices can also have an anti-inflammatory effect similar to pain killers. Antioxidant carrying foods include whole fruits, vegetables and berries.

3. Fish & Fish Oils
Fish and fish oils containing omega 3 oils are also excellent sources of anti-inflammatory products.

4. Herbal Tea
Sciatica pain can also be exacerbated by muscle spasms, making every movement agony. Herbal teas can help relieve any muscle spasms, and also help you achieve a good nights sleep which is essential for recovery.

5. Warm Baths
Warm baths can soak and relax your back and all the tightness out of the gluteal muscles and they can also be a great place to carry out stretches and exercises that may have been too painful otherwise. If you have difficulty sleeping, a warm bath with natural oils can be very therapeutic.

Frustratingly there are no quick fixes for sciatica pain, but there are sciatica treatment home remedies that you can try that will help reduce pain, reduce muscle spasm and speed you to the road to recovery.

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