5 Herbal Remedies to Cure Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Out of the available ways to cure sciatic nerve pain one effective way is the herbal remedies to cure the excruciating pain caused due to the condition. Although there have been a long and hard debate on the effectiveness of herbal remedies in curing sciatic pain however since the debate is left with no result, the result of using these herbs on the pain has been very good.

Discussed below are five of these effective herbs successfully used in curing sciatic pain:

1. Devil’s claw
Devil’s claw which is an anti inflammatory effective herb acquiring analgesic properties. To test the efficacy of the herb a study was conducted that administered a component of this herb known as harpagophytum in a selected group of individuals whereas the remaining ones were given placebos and the situation was analyzed with the herb administered patients reporting no pain whereas placebos administered individuals reported no relief in their pain.

2. Capsiacin
Capsiacin is an extracted component of Cayenne pepper. This herb works through increasing pain threshold thus increasing your endurance in return. This herb is prohibited to be used by pregnant women and can cause irritation on the skin of the area applied on.

3. Turmeric
Turmeric  is another very effective herb for sciatic pain. This herb is very effective in reducing inflammation in the affected area. Turmeric is famously known for its anti inflammatory properties and aids the body in producing anti inflammation agent the prostaglandins.

4. Wintergreen
Wintergreen is also known as an effective sciatic remedial herb and wintergreen oil is also an anti inflammatory agent as is used through rubbing it on the affected area of pain. The effectiveness of this herb is due to methyl salicylate substance present in it. This substance is effective in relieving the pain of sore muscles through relaxing them and also by soothing sciatic pain through relaxing muscles that surround the sciatic nerve that is the root of the pain. This herb though should be used very cautiously and should be kept safely from kids reach.

5. Willow
Willow is also a herb with pain killing tendencies. It acquires the content of salicin which acts as dispirin and relieves pain of the affected area. This herb is usually taken as a supplement or in tea form to derive the required results. A side effect that lies with this herb is that it can upset your stomach through use along with some other minor effects so stay prepared.

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