4 Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain with Daily Routines

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The majority of lower back pain comes from long-running problems in our lifestyle. Whether your pain is minor or significant, there are a few, tiny changes to your daily routine that can help you relieve yourself of lower back pain.

They aren’t extreme, and almost all of them can be completed from the comfort of your home, so what’s your excuse? If you make the effort to feel better, your body will reward you.

1. Stretching
Stretching is one of the most highly-recommended ways to relieve lower back pain. There are several types of stretches that will help your back loosen up. The most effective stretches for the lower back target the muscles of your upper hamstring, thighs, hip flexors, and lumbar region.

4 Tips to Relieve Lower Back Pain with Daily Routines

The lumbar region is a name for your midsection, and comprises the abdomen and lower back. Every one of these types of lower back stretches can be completed from the comfort of your bedroom or office. The key to achieving results is consistency. By regularly stretching, you can improve your overall flexibility and muscle tone to prevent pain and future injuries to the lumbar region.

2. Posture Alignment
Your daily posture plays a huge role in determining whether or not you will experience lower back pain. Sitting, standing, and even sleeping can put your body into a posture that is damaging to your spine or muscles.

For most people, the greatest damage is done during relaxation while sitting or sleeping. Avoid slouching in your chair and try to keep a small forward arch in your lower back while upright. For the most comfortable sleeping positions, it may seem counter-intuitive, but sleeping on your back is the best way to reduce your back problems.Placing a pillow beneath your knees and beneath your lower back will help you maintain a comfortable position in bed while also prevent you from bending your back into an unhealthy shape.

3. Lifestyle Decisions
Many people take for granted that lower back pain is related to their physical movements and posture. There are many factors that are determinate of your back health, and they are related to your overall health. Certain habits, like poor diet or smoking, can increase the likelihood of pain in your lumbar region.

Smoking causes significant problems throughout the body, but related to the back, it reduces circulation and prevents blood from reaching the muscles of your spine as easily. A poor diet can lead to high levels of cholesterol, which also causes significant risks to back health. Improving your overall health with little changes to your diet or habits is a surefire way to improve your back.

4. Heating / Icing Routines
An easy way to relieve lower back pain is to apply heat or ice to the affected areas. Both types of temperatures have benefits to back health. Wet heat, such as heating pads, hot showers, or baths, can reduce muscle stiffness, improve circulation, and relieve tension throughout the back.

Ice can be useful for some types of back injuries by reducing swelling and deadening nerves. There are other types of treatments, such as topical lotions or gels, which can provide both of these benefits when applied to the skin above the painful areas.

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