4 Step Lower Back Pain Exercises To Reduce The Pain

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Some of the worst cases of lower back pain have been treated successfully by using the best lower back pain exercises for the situation. Though the results are encouraging, you should do well to consult your physician before taking on any type of physical activities.Exercises for lower back pain that work are especially recommended if you are well-prepared for the possibly strenuous activities that lay ahead.

Stretching or warm-ups help keep the muscles flexible through out the entire planned activity. The best lower back pain exercises often include instructions on how to perform the proper stretching techniques to increase blood flow and prevent unwanted injuries.

4 Step Lower Back Pain Exercises To Reduce The Pain
Back Stretching via spinevuetx.com
The most common stretching methods also happen to be the most effective exercises for low back pain. Actions to take when performing recommended stretches: 

*     Warm-up. Perform low intensity level workouts like walking prior to the stretching exercises. 
*     Never bounce--Bouncing during stretches may potential cause tear in muscle tissues that may leave stretch marks that tighten the muscles up when they heal, causing even the best lower back pain exercises to work less effectively. 
*     Don't pull the muscles too far when you stretch. Keep it simple and safe.
*     Stretch before and after performing lower back pain exercises. Top upper body stretching methods that can provide the best lower back pain exercises returns.

1.    Head first- always start at the neck area.    
1.1    Side-2 stretch 1        
*     Sit or stand in a normal position.         
*     Turn head to one side slowly        
*     Hold the position for five seconds then slowly turn the other way.         
*     Repeat process at least three times.    
1.2    Side-stretch 2         
*     At the same position tilt head slowly at one side for five seconds         
*     Slowly bring it to the other side.         
*     Repeat process three times.    
1.3    Back stretch        
*     Tilt head to the front.        
*      Bring your chin to you chest.         
*     Hold for five seconds and repeat process at least three times.

2.    Shoulder areas    
2.1    Side stretch        
*     Place left palm on your right shoulder with your chin touching your upper left arm.        
*     Pull the elbow with your right hand.         
*     Keep it suspended for 15 seconds.        
*     Repeat process with your other arm.    
2.2    Front stretch         
*     Bring your hands together below the waist and lock your fingers.         
*     Slowly bring them up-front with your palms-out at shoulder level.         
*     Hold it up for at least 20 seconds.         
*     Repeat if necessary.    
2.3    Shoulder roll        
*     Bring your hands up to the sides at shoulder level.         
*     Roll them forward slowly in a circling motion.         
*     Keep it up for 10-15 seconds.         
*     Repeat process on the opposite directions. Don't over-stretch

3.    Shoulder-hip area         
*     On a standing position, reach for the other arm behind the head with your left hand.        
*     Grab your elbow with you right hand.         
*     Slowly lean to your right until a mild stretch is felt.         
*     Hold the position for at least 10 seconds,         
*     Repeat process on the other direction.

4.    Back Areas- This will help the best lower back pain exercises to reach their full potential.   
 4.1    Middle back stretch        
*     Stand in a good posture with your hands on your hips and feet set apart.        
*     Slowly turn your body to the right and suspend position for 15 seconds at the farthest stretch.       *     Repeat slowly going towards the opposite direction.   
 4.2    Lower back stretch        
*     Sit on the floor with left leg straight.         
*     Bend your right leg and cross it over the other foot above knee level.         
*     Bring your left elbow down against your right leg.         
*     Place your right palm on the floor behind your hips.         
*     Turn your head over right head along with your upper body and hold it for a maximum of 15 seconds.          
 *     Repeat process with your right leg straight going to the opposite direction. 5.    Head-to-toe stretch         
*     Lay flat on the floor.         
*     Place your hands above the head and stretch them as far as you can.      
*     Stretch both feet on the opposite direction including the ankles.

Do not hold your breath during the whole process. The best lower back pain exercises work best when blood circulation, flexibility, joint range motions and heartbeat rates are increased. 

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